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Elections –

  • Easier to use ballots using “fill in the bubble” marking.

  • Vote-by-mail,  voters have 18 days to cast their votes.

  • On-line election statistics, voters can track their ballot and public has access to elections information.

  • Pioneered methods to make voting more accessible for our military and overseas voters using email and fax.

Recording –

  • 2.5 million documents from microfilm and paper ledger books are now safely scanned into archives.

  • Implemented secure and fast on-line document submission. It takes minutes on-line compared to mail-in that takes days and walk-in, hours.

  • On-line access to recorded documents to make land records research by real estate professionals and others fast and easy.

  • Historical records relating to genealogy in Spokane County are now part of the digital archives of the Secretary of States.

Financial reporting and operations –

  • implemented the many significant, and often difficult, reporting standards for Spokane County’s  Annual Financial Report.

  • eliminated findings by the State Auditor’s Office for financial reporting not related to grants.

Vehicle Licensing –

  • Fast turnaround on tab renewals: within 24 hours of receiving the payment in the mail or by internet your license tabs are on the way.

  • In 2016 I provided technical expertise for the Auditors during the implementation of the new Department of Licensing Vehicle Licensing system.

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